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Mini - 25/200 - MG Z series - 800

Discovery - Defender

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Rover vehicles used either the Lucas or Pektron systems for their vehicles and we can supply fobs for both..

For vehicles that used the Lucas 2 button fobs we can supply new fobs with a programming pod that will allow you to do programming yourself at the car.  Instructions are provided but briefly ...  place ROV2 programmer on diagnostic socket .. wait until blue led on ROV2 goes out and that's it..The accompanying fob is programmed.

The ROV2 also records the vehicle EKA code (if applicable) & when returned we will supply that code. 


Replacement for 5AS/10AS 2 buttonLucas fob also available as a 1 piece key  

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                    ROV2 PROGRAMMER Instructions Click on .pdf opposite


                                          ROVER 800 SERIES Click on .pdf opposite


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ROV2 Prog Instruct
Rover 800 series

Pektron fobs need to be programmed either at vehicle or by sending us the Pektron security SCU from under the dashboard. If the last fob has failed then programming can not be done at the vehicle.

The Pektron SCU also controls many of the body functions.. C/locking - Horn - Drivers window - Fog lights etc. If any of these functions fail we can probably repair but would need Pektron SCU here to do so


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Pektron SCU & Fob. Scu located under dash

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