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Megane & Scenic

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Megane is available with either an RF key (usually Scenic Model) or Infra Red and we can help with Immobiliser problems on both .. We will need to know which key you have or the colour of the fuse box (under pull-off) cover to right of steering wheel.  It will be either Black or Blue see jpegs

If fuse box is black we need a number from inside key. Number is 5 digits  either on a label inside key or engraved into battery side of keyhead. see opposite. We can then program an Record/Playmodule (RPM) which will disable immobiliser. The RPM needs fitting to plugs on top of fuse box. This means fuse box will have to be 'dropped' to the floor. Instructions provided

If fuse box is Blue you have 2 choices ..

  1.   Either send engine ECU and we will supply a programmed RPM to be fitted to top of fuse box... Instructions right...OR

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Click link below to see instructions

RPM Scenic Blue fitting Instructions
Megane Black Fuse box.RPM fitting inst.

   2.   This model has a transponder key and in UK is usually a 'type 1' system. If battery voltage drops when cranking particularly with a weak battery then it can switch itself to 'type 2' and then original key is not recognised and car will not start. We can supply a device which will switch this back in seconds ( Reconfiguration Pod). The Pod will only cure a 'type switching' problem

Click on .pdf link to see instructions


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Megane Reconfiguration Pod

Megane Reconfig Pod Inst.

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