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Range Rover P38 Key

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We can supply replacements for the R/Rover P38 key..

We need to collect some data from your original key. If your original key is not working then we will need that key here.
Send to address below..

 If you have a working key but can’t send it to us we will send you a ‘Data Grabber’... see below.

Contact us by phone /email, make payment by Credit Card (or Paypal), and we will send you the ‘Data Grabber’recorder.

When you receive it just turn it on and operate your key about 5 times. The led on the unit will signify that has received enough data each time. Turn the unit off and send it back to us. We can then prepare a key from that data that will start your car.

The new key blade will be uncut.  New Key will need to be synchronised to vehicle as is case with OE keys     

Click link below right to see instructions   


P38 Grabber instructions
P38 Key Resync. Instructions

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